Waterside Candle

Behind the Pour Pot




Candle Care Guidelines:


1. First burn, the first time you burn a candle is important, you need to make sure you burn it long enough that the wax melts across the entire top of the candle.   If you don't do this then you will get a "Canyon" of wax on the sides, once a canyon has formed it will continue to burn that way the entire candle. by creating a solid first burn you will allow your candle to burn cleaner and longer. 

2.  Trim your wicks!  i cant stress this enough, cut those babies down to about 5 mm.  If your wick "mushrooms", it needs to be trimmed.   If your candle flame is too larger or flickering too much its because the wick is too large.   I trim my candles before every burn, always trim your candles when they are cool, otherwise you run the risk of soot and debris getting into the wax and hindering the burning process.


3. Cold and Hot throw.   Cold throw is the scent given off before the candle is burnt and hot is while burning   Keep candles out of direct sunlight or hot indoor lights will "eat up" your cold throw  To  get the most out of your cold throw.    To get your best scent while burning allow 30 minutes or so.  Some recommend using an open window to move the scent further though your home.  You do you and what makes you happy.  I only want you to have joy and happiness while using my candles.

4. Burn time:  Ever notice how some candles lose their hot throw after a while.   I recommend only burning mine for up to four hours, then  give them a break  Be careful because the jar will be hot.   As always, keep burning candles away from pets and children.   Let them with  their own toys.

5. Snuff, snuff and snuff your flames.   Blowing out wicks can damage the wick and decrease your burn time.  If you can't snuff do what my father use to do, wet your fingers and pinch the wick.   By putting the flame out completely you will decrease or eliminate smoking.  No one likes a smoking wick. 


Happy Burning!