Waterside Candle

Current Scents


Top: orange and lemon,
Mid notes: Cranberries, apple and mulling spices
Base: Amber, cedar wood. 

This scent reminds you of coming inside to the warmth.
Considered a seasonal/holiday scent

Snowy Woods

Top:  Herbal Aromatics, Eucalyptus
Mid Notes:  Cypress, pine needles
Base: Tonka beans, creme

This scent is named after a favorite Robert Frost poem of my daughters but don't let the name fool you, this is year round favorite, considered our signature, very popular.

Amber Sunset

Top: Jasmine, orange, lavender
Mid Note: Grapefruit, pineapple
Base: Sandalwood, fir, musk

This scent reminds my husband of that "after a day trip with friends" feeling.  A gender neutral classic


City Streetlights

Top: Greens, citrus
Mid Note: Fir, Balsam, cedarwood
Evergreen, reminds you of holiday tree sellers.

Although technically a holiday scent, its been described as "weekend cabin"