Waterside Candle

Copy of Behind the Pour Pot



Hello Candle Fans,

I hope you like the new pics as much as I do!  I'm working hard to get the shop pages up and running but wanted to post letting you know the sizes and prices.  My wax is a personal blend of 60/40 coconut and soy.   I am still trying to find a trustworthy source for my coconut wax, I'm juggling the fair trade availability versus carbon foot print of the two.


4 ounce jar( 2.61 x 2.87)  
burn time:   20-25 hours      10.00

8 ounce jar   ( 3.5 x 3)       
burn time:  40-50 hours      20.00

16 ounce jar ( 3 x 5.1)        
burn time:   90-100 hours    40.00

I'm pouring all my scents, all sizes and shipping is 15.00.  If you want to know how candles I can get in a box. contact me, as always free delivery throughout Silver Beach.  

Finally,  I'm introducing a new scent in January., named BRUNCH it has a orange top note.  Mid tones of Mimosa and base is a wee bit of Tonka beans.  Pre orders being taken now